Road Update: Colorado (2,215 miles)

– It’s Dave
– We’re not in Kansas anymore. There. I said it.

So today we’re on a tough stretch of 630 miles from KC to Boulder, CO. A few guidelines:

• Do NOT eat a pizza smothered in tater tots, chili, and cheese before a 10 hour drive. It was outrageously awesome (pic to be uploaded soon) but you could only imagine the metabolic suffering we’ve endured thanks to a bumpy interstate.
• There is nothing to see in Kansas, so you could get delirious. Dan stuck his head out the window and started screaming. I went on a wild honk binge.
• 10 hours is a lot of time. Prepare to entertain yourself in strange ways. Dan and I DEFINITELY DID NOT watch the newest “Hills” episode or play adult film trivia.
• A worthwhile detour is Lawrence. We snuck into Allen Fieldhouse (the birthplace of bball) at KU for a photo. I pretended a free throw. The janitor told me I had great form.

Boulder this weekend for Dan’s coverage of the College Ultimate Frisbee Championship for

Pictures from St. Louis and KC coming soon.

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4 Comments on “Road Update: Colorado (2,215 miles)”

  1. RER Says:

    Words cannot truly encapsulate all my thoughts of what you two have so far accomplised on this sojourn but let me give it a try — Holy @$*&)$@!!^&. Signed A Fan

  2. Marc Says:

    I’m jealous of you guys. What a trip….the only thing you’ll be missing is a stop at Safeco. Don’t get snowed on in Colorado.

  3. esa Says:

    you guys still alive? i need more updates or at least another photo of danny in a sexually ambiguous pose with a giant baseball glove, come on!

  4. Yackie Says:

    I agree with Esa…. you two are SLACKERS!

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