Day 6 Recap: Kansas City

This seems like it was a long time ago because, well, it was. Oh well. Dave and I were actually the most surprised by Kansas City. The city, anyway. It seemed bigger and more developed than we would’ve ever imagined. Kauffman Stadium, however, is everything you’ve ever imagined … and less.

Dan: This is our KC host, Justin, another one of Dave’s buddy from USC. I know, I know.
Dave: You can’t buy that type of casual confidence. Fight on.

Dave: This is our lunch at Jack Stack Barbecue, a popular KC bbq place.
Dan: I don’t know any other way of describing this other than “nap food.” I nodded off briefly after that ridiculous stack (jack stack?) of onion rings.

Dave: They made us park our truck miles away, with dozens of empty lots between us and Kauffman. I wasn’t happy.
Dan: For some reason, Dave expressed his outrage by displaying athleticism that can be most accurately be described as “adequate.”

Dan: Me with my statue family. What?
Dave: This could be the exact moment where Dan “lost it.”

Dave: It’s always a little weird asking people to take these sorts of pictures.
Dan: I’m not sure if it’s excitement or the number of empty seats that’s building.

Dan: Empty seats, empty concessions, no outfield waterfall seating…
Dave: Royals Baseball, the excitement is building!!

Dave: Dan liked this view because it made it look like Kauffman Stadium was in the middle of the hatch on Lost.
Dan: 4 8 15 16 23 42…4 8 15 16 23 42…4 8 15 16 23 42…aaahhhh!!!

Dave: This is Dan’s way of saying he’s in the mood for KC females. He’s kind of weird.
Dan: Wassup ladies?

Dave: Dan with the World Series trophy.
Dan: Notice the look of surprise on my face. Actiiiiing!!

Dan: Dave was upset that the Royals jacked “True Blue” from the Dodgers.
Dave: It would probably make more sense if it just said “Sorta Blue-ish”

Dave: Sadly, we missed John Mayberry bobblehead night. Overweight goatee guy is pumped.
Dan: John Mayberry is black?

Dan: What?
Dave: Nevermind.

Dave: These were our tri-tip sandwiches.
Dan: Dave’s looks like a mardi-gras situation, whereas I clearly made a mistake in ordering the questionable special-sauce.

Dave: Action shot!
Dan: This is clearly the most flattering picture of my nose that could possibly ever be captured on film. Thanks, Dave.
Dave: Don’t mention it.

Dan: An empty Dippin’ Dots cart.
Dave: I guess it’s no longer the future of ice cream. Sigh.

Dan: As a girl walked by, this guy said he liked her skirt, to which she replied, “Thanks,” and kept walking. He then said, “Let’s see what’s under it.”
Dave: Dan’s just pissed that his material is getting stolen.

Dave: I rule.
Dan: Dave rules.

Dan: In the middle of the 6th, everyone sings a Garth Brooks song, led by GB himself.
Dave: Apparently, GB has friends in low places. Watch below.

Dave: Daily pose-off.
Dan: You win this one, Strumpf.

KC Food Update later.

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3 Comments on “Day 6 Recap: Kansas City”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Glad to see you are carrying the official card of baseball, Dave. Sad that you are no longer proudly wearing the UVA hat.

  2. savage Says:

    Educate yourselves before you bash stadiums. Ever heard of “renovations?” Come visit this year. Why so “suprised” at how developed and nice KC is? It’s the midwest..not the freakin moon.

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