Grinders, Kansas City

Dave and I were both pleasantly surprised with how nice Kansas City was. Of course, this could just be the parts we were taken to, but in any case, it seemed like a relatively good time.

Before we left, I looked up food places online for each of the cities we were going to, in the case that our host was either unable to take us out or had no idea. In KC, Dave’s buddy Justin had to go to work, so we fell back on my list to find a place to eat. This is how we came upon Grinders, a pizza/sandwich place featured on the Food Network, that seemed to be moderately well-known for reasons that included the presence of a pizza topped with a mound of tater tots, chili, cheese, and green onions in the middle.

We figured that we’d already done near-irreparable damage to our digestive systems, so what’s another awful, greasy meal? Here’s a mini photo-essay of the experience, no captions necessary:


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4 Comments on “Grinders, Kansas City”

  1. Reed Says:

    That looks either like some kinda mistake or an accident waiting to happen, ifyouknowhaddimean. Er – a delicious mistake.

  2. spek Says:

    big strizz .. you gonna be in seattle during this road trip? hit me up when you make it to the safe.

  3. We called it the Italian Laxative. And that it was…

  4. con Says:

    I just found this site & you guys are hilarious. I had a project out in KC a year ago for a few months & now I’m super sad I missed out on this tater tot concoction…though I did have Jack Stack “nap food”

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